Bringing Innovation to Project Management


One person with the right tools can get more done in a day than dozens of your people can in weeks.  We can help you get far more done with far fewer resources.


Projects today operate in an environment that is constantly changing, making the challenge of keeping a project sold, on budget, and on schedule a huge task.


If your project is like most, you've got thousands upon thousands of pieces of cost, schedule, risk and technical data - all of it crucial but all too often inaccessible.

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I launched TTJ&B Inc. in 2002 because I wanted to bring innovative, analytical solutions to all of the Aerospace and Defense industry. My goal was to help government contracting agencies and prime contractors manage complex projects more efficiently and intelligently. Our tools and service offerings have been specifically designed to provide our customers with high value solutions to the challenges that exist in managing a project's cost and schedule through today's volatile acquisition environment.

The simple reality is that we operate in an environment that is constantly changing - which makes the challenge of keeping a project sold, on budget, and on schedule a difficult task.  It's difficult to effect change quickly, its hard to be responsive when you're big and complicated.  Our tools and services have been developed to help bridge the gap that exists between the need to respond to change quickly and the necessity of developing solutions that are detailed enough to actually be successfully implemented.

I believe that one person with a great set of analytical tools can do in minutes what it takes an army of people working without any tools to do in weeks or even months.  And when you consider the typical daily burn rates of most projects, being able to do things faster and smarter generates huge savings.  When a prime contractor or government agency can fully explore their cost, schedule and risk baselines in real-time and identify optimized alternatives in light of a given set of challenges it changes the way things get done.  It saves time.  It saves money.  It reduces costly mistakes.  It makes you agile.

Thanks for taking the time to look deeper into all that TT&B Inc. has to offer.

Tom Woods
President and Founder
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